handshakeOur team of elite physicians and nurses are highly qualified professionals who want to find the truth in medical cases. There are several benefits to becoming an expert witness in the MZA network.

The Bar is Set High
We have high expectations when choosing our expert physicians and nurses. We only consider those with adequate medical experience who are actively practicing or have recently retired. Our physicians must have a good reputation in the markets in which they serve, and they must not have any problems or negative history with their board of examiners. We prefer physicians and nurses with experience as expert witnesses. Most importantly, all of our experts must be objective and unbiased.
Our Streamlined Process Keeps Your Time Minimized
Our process of thoroughly reviewing and organizing all of the case records and associated materials (i.e., x-rays, films, police reports, etc.) helps our experts review the entire case in a shorter time period. This means the opinions are returned to the attorneys sooner and that full reports are produced in a timely fashion.
Get Additional Income as a Contributing Expert
From reviewing case records to testifying in court, our experts are compensated for their time throughout the entire case. Becoming an expert medical witness is a great way to generate additional income while helping a plaintiff or defendant find justice.


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