Our team is dedicated to helping attorneys find the truth in all medical cases that require expert opinion or even testimony.

We Identify the Expert Witness Best for Your Case
To find your expert witness, we’ll discuss your case with you to determine which physician or nurse in our network would best suit your needs. Once we have identified the expert we deem best, we will provide you with his or her CV and additional information so that you can decide if you think that expert will work for your case.
Thorough Case Review
Once you have approved an expert witness, we will do a very thorough review of your case records. We make sure that the file contains everything that the physician or nurse will need to fully understand the case. If any films, x-rays or other supporting materials are missing, we will track them down and add them to the records before passing it off to the expert.
Timeline Management
We will then develop a timeline based on your schedule. Our experts consistently adhere to the timelines to ensure you have the opinions and reports that you need for your case in a timely manner. We also coordinate with the expert witness to get a full report of his or her findings and to schedule any additional time needed, (i.e., document reviews, independent medical exams, depositions, conference calls and trials).
Follow Case Changes and Outcomes
MZ Associates will follow your case closely throughout its duration to remain abreast of changes or outcomes. If you require additional expert review, opinion or testimony, your physician or nurse will be notified and ready. Once a ruling is given, we will confidentially shred and destroy all of your records unless you request that the records be returned directly to you. We understand that some records may be personal or important, so we handle all files with respect and caution.


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