We take the hassle out of finding and engaging an expert medical witness. Our team is professional, time-sensitive and experienced in medical litigation and medicine. As a physician-driven company, we understand the needs and communication preferences of the medical experts to help ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

An Unbiased Quest for the Truth

We know that everyone wins when the truth is discovered. We all want what’s best for the client, whether the client is the plaintiff or defendant. Our entire team focuses on each and every case and our medical experts thoroughly review all records without bias. We provide honest opinions and promise to always go the extra mile.

Accessible Staff and Expert Physicians

We understand how busy you are and it is our goal to be available and sensitive to your needs. In order to be a part of the MZ Associates team, we demand accessibility and availability. We have assembled a team of dedicated professionals who take their jobs seriously, understand the nuances of the medical-legal arena, and wish to get to the bottom line in a timely manner. Our experts are completely organized at the time of deposition or court testimony.

Turnkey Litigation Support

Your dealings with MZ Associates will be seamless, timely and to the point. You supply the case materials, and we will get the job done – it’s that simple. Our professional staff fully understands what makes a case meritorious and will expedite the process of finding a qualified expert witness to review your records promptly. As your one-stop shop, we will provide you with the CV, get your approval on the medical expert, handle all scheduling throughout the entire process, keep you updated on the case status at all times, and take care of the billing. Best of all, you will receive a fully detailed report in a timely fashion.

All efforts are made to achieve our goal of client satisfaction. Each case is addressed as soon as we have the materials and you will always be informed of our progress. We strive to make each and every encounter meaningful and productive, and you will be amazed by our consistent responsiveness.


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